What Are Fragrance Oils Made Of ?

What are fragrance oils made of ?


Fragrance oils fall under the category of the "Trade Secret" clause of the Food And Drug Administration (FDA) so therefore do not have full ingredient disclosure. Simply putting the word "fragrance" on an ingredient list is standard practice when labeling products containing fragrance oil(s).

Fragrance oils can be made up of over 3,600 materials, both natural and synthetic, (aromatic resins, aroma chemicals, essential oils or essential oil components) that have been approved for use in fragrance oils. 

Fragrance oils are a self-regulated body, so they are not policed by the FDA. However, each individual ingredient is thorougly tested for things such as solvency, skin irritation and absorption as well as physical characteristics such as specific gravity, flammability and flash point. They are also tested for more serious characteristics such as carcinogen indicators. The tests are performed by the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (also known as the RIFM). Once the ingredients have been fully tested, the results are published in a peer-reviewed journal.

The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) is an international organization that represents manufacturers. IFRA takes the reports from RIFM, evaluates their findings, and publishes usage guidelines. IFRA makes recommendations on which raw materials are safe for use in fragrance oils. For example, what is safe for use in a room spray may not be safe for direct skin applications. Your chosen supplier should follow IFRA's set guidelines and use only RIFM approved materials in their fragrance oils.

Indigo Fragrance indeed follows IFRA's guidelines and uses only RIFM approved materials in our fragrance oils.



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