Best Sellers Sample Pack 1

Best Sellers Sample Pack 1

Purchasing a pre-made sampler pack is a great way to try many of our best selling fragrances for a discounted price.

This best sellers sampler pack #1 includes 1 oz. each of the following skin-safe fragrance oils...

Barber Shop
Birthday Cake
Black Raspberry and Vanilla
Bourbon Tobacco
Captain Crunch Berries
Coconut Lime Verbena
Coffee Bean
Cotton Candy
Fruit Loops
Pink Sugarz

Only 1 Best Sellers Fragrance Sampler #1 per person please

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By Charlene L Tuesday, March 13, 2018
Every scent is what its supposed to be. I am re ordering most of the pack. Be prepared to love them!
I'm in love!
By Amanda Thursday, November 16, 2017
I literally just got my sample in the mail today & holy moly! I am so impressed! I loved all of them. My heart is so happy that I stumbled across your instagram page. I think my favorites out of the bunch has to be: Fruit loop; This smell reminds me of Saturday morning watching cartoons. Birthday cake; Which surprises me because normally I am not a fan of vanilla type of scents but this some is not too sweet smelling & it smells delicious. Barber Shop; Smells pretty manly & it reminds me of my boyfriend after he gets his hair cut. & last but not least: Coffee bean! I'm not even a coffee person but it smells so rich & decadent with a slightly burnt warm undertone, I can't help but love it. You have a repeat customer! I'm new to candle making so hopefully when I get better you'll see me frequently. :)
Wow. Just Wow !
By Joy P. Monday, April 17, 2017
I can definitely see why these are all best sellers. There was not one I didn't love ! I especially loved fruit loops, barber shop and black raspberry vanilla !