Novelty Fragrance Sampler

Novelty Fragrance Sampler

Purchasing a pre-made sampler pack is a great way to try many of our novelty fragrances for a discounted price.

This Novelty fragrance sampler pack includes 1 oz. each of the following skin-safe fragrance oils...

Corn Chips
Dill Pickle
Golden Spongecake
Lick Me All Over
Motor Oil
Unicorn Farts

Only 1 Novelty Fragrance Sampler per person please

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Funny Fragrances
By Donna P. Friday, August 18, 2017
I make novelty candles and was so impressed with your novelty scent collection overall. I was even more impressed that you offered a sampler pack so that I could try several at once for a discounted rate. These are all amazing scents and I have now find my new supplier. The quality at Indigo is higher than the last place I purchased my fragrances from. The price is better and shipping is way faster as well. Customer for life here !
Everything that's here smells like what it is
By Julieanna Wallinger Wednesday, April 19, 2017
We bought this as a basenote collection to use in our blends and we are SUPER happy with it! The 'Mud' rivals the 'Dirt' that we bought from WSP for a much higher price. Motor oil and Gasoline are unique and very well executed. Honestly don't know why Lick Me All Over is included, though, because it's just a standard sweet perfume smell.