MSDS Sheets


This page last updated: 03/25/20.

Please note that we are slowly adding all MSDS documentation as time permits. We just started adding these recently. This is a huge undertaking and we appreciate your patience as we work hard to bring all documentation online for each of our fragrance oils for our customers convenience. The documentation we are busy adding include: IFRA documentation, vanillin content information, cold process soap testing results, MSDS documentation and EU Allergen documentation.


1,001 Kisses MSDS

Alkmar MSDS

Amber MSDS

American Creme MSDS

Angels Delite MSDS

Apple Jack Peel MSDS

Apple Pear Duet MSDS

Autumn Afternoon MSDS

Autumns Lodge MSDS

Autumn Sunsets MSDS

Avo Bath Boost MSDS

Baby Powder MSDS

Bacon MSDS

Bahama Fizz Type MSDS

Baked Pie Crust MSDS

Banana MSDS

Barber Shop MSDS

Bathos Lush Type MSDS

Bedtime Baths MSDS

Birthday Cake MSDS

Bite Me MSDS

Black Cherry Merlot Type MSDS

Black Ice Type MSDS

Black Pepper Bergamot Type MSDS

Blue Hawaiian MSDS

Blue Raspberry MSDS

Bobbi Beach MSDS

Bombshell Type MSDS

Bourbon Tobacco MSDS

Breath Of God Lush Type MSDS

Bubble Gum MSDS

Butt Naked MSDS

Butter Rum Lifesaverz MSDS

Calacazz MSDS

Caramel MSDS

Caramel Apple MSDS

Caribbean Salsa Type MSDS

Carnation MSDS

Cedar MSDS

Celebration MSDS

Champagne Snow Showerz MSDS

Cherry Lifesavers Type MSDS

Cherry Tobacco MSDS

Chillin' Cherry MSDS

Christmas Cupcake MSDS

Cinnamon Sugar MSDS

Cocobolo Wood MSDS

Coconut MSDS

Coconut Beach MSDS


Cool Waters MSDS

Comforter MSDS

Cranberry Chutney Type MSDS

Cranberry Mango Scentsy Type MSDS

Crazy Coconut MSDS

Dead Sexxy MSDS

Decay MSDS

Devils Nightcap Lush Type MSDS

Dirty Lush Type MSDS

Dragons Blood MSDS

Drakkar Noir Type MSDS

Exhaling MSDS

Farmhouse Apple MSDS

Fig and Olive MSDS

Floating Island Paradise MSDS

Fluffy Candy MSDS

Flying Phox MSDS

Fresh Laundry MSDS

Frosty MSDS

Frozen Lush Type MSDS

Fruit Loops MSDS

Fruity Pebbles Type MSDS

Gain Type MSDS

Gardenia MSDS

Grape Bubble Gum MSDS

Grape Jelly MSDS

Green Apple MSDS

Green Apple Jolly Rancher Type MSDS

Harvest Fiesta MSDS

Honey MSDS

Honey I Washed Those Kids MSDS

Honeysuckle MSDS

Hot Buttered Popcorn MSDS

Hot Cocoa MSDS

Ice Blue Lush Type MSDS

Indian Sandalwood MSDS

Irish Cream MSDS

It's A Jungle Out There MSDS

Jamaican Me Crazy MSDS

Japanese Cherry Blossom MSDS

Keeping It Fluffy MSDS

Kerbside Violet Lush Type MSDS

Lemon Lime Soda MSDS

Let 'em Eat Cake MSDS

Lord Of Misruling MSDS

Mahogany and Teakwood MSDS

Mandarin Oranges MSDS

Maraschino Cherry MSDS

Marshmallow MSDS

Merry Berry Christmas Type MSDS

Mochadoodlez MSDS


Orange Breeze MSDS

Peanut Butter MSDS

Pink Chiffon Type MSDS

Pink Raspberry MSDS

Pink Sugarz MSDS

Pistachio Pudding Cake MSDS

Pothead MSDS

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Type MSDS

Rainstorm MSDS

Rain Kissed Leaves Type MSDS

Raspberry Peppermint Ice Cream MSDS

Rose Jammin' MSDS

Salty Mariner MSDS

Sexx Bomb MSDS

Sikkim Sirens MSDS

Snow Fairies MSDS

South Beach MSDS

Stellar Supernova MSDS

Sugar Cookie MSDS

Summer Scoop Type MSDS

Twilight Showers MSDS

Unicorn Farts MSDS

Vanilla Bean MSDS

Vanilla Tobacco MSDS

Vanilliary MSDS

Wisteria MSDS

Yog Nog Type MSDS