Scented Markers

How to Make Scented Markers


Here is what you need: 

  • Grab some markers - not the washable kind
  • Essential oil or any fragrance oil - it would be awesome to have a bunch of different scents for different colors!
  • Pipette


  1. Take the small end cap off of the marker.
  2. Remove the long, cylinder-shaped marker ink pad from the plastic encasement.
  3. Using pipette, place at least 8 drops of scented oil into the end of ink pad, and place ink pad back into marker encasement.
  4. Place end cap back on the marker.


And then you’ll have it! Some lovely homemade smelly markers! This will allow you to scent your markers whatever fragrance you would like them to be. This will also helps to refresh markers that are beginning to dry up.